Saturday, March 25, 2006

BC on Autism Episode 10: If I were a cartoon

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The idea of simple, pointless cartoons as stress release has been percolating in my mind for some time now. The punchline, if it can be called such, is blatantly stolen from some forgotten cartoon. Either that, or I've deluded myself into thinking I saw it somewhere before. Meh.

BC on Autism Episode 9: Who are these people? (mov)

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Just a quick look at some sites while I'm wondering about what goes into a blog, specifically the who and why. While it seems obvious that beliefs are interfering with objective analysis, it is also apparent that there are more than one way to interpret iffy or gray-area results. But what baffles me is the outright extremism that is nonchalantly expressed by some. Whatever.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

BC on Autism Episode 8: How to Win With Excel and Influence People, an Example of How Not to Do Science (mov)

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A brief look at how one can take a contiguous set of data and make trendlines to try and prove a point, even if the data doesn't support it.

Fair Use, ahoy!

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