Sunday, December 31, 2006

BC on Autism 25: Brian Deer Shines a Light on the Big Money Earners of the MMR Scare

Wow. Brian Deer really shows us just how much money someone can make in generating panic over nonsense. One guy in particular is reported to have pulled in almost a million US dollars. I'm in the wrong business.


At 12/31/2006 1:22 PM, Anonymous isles said...

Holy malarkey, Batman!

Switching channels, I can just hear Wakefield and cronies grumbling: "And we would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those darn kids!"

If only there weren't real live kids being mistreated in the course of the misadventure.

At 12/31/2006 2:55 PM, Blogger mcewen said...

Those kids - I think that you'll find that out here the politically correct term is 'collateral damage.'

At 12/31/2006 2:56 PM, Blogger Do'C said...

Hey BC. I think the woman pictured with Wakefield is one of the "Dixie Chicks" - she probably has her own money. But wouldn't you know it, she's also apparently on the advisory board of Thoughtful House.

At 12/31/2006 6:20 PM, Blogger Bartholomew Cubbins said...

Ho ho ho. A Dixie Chick, eh? Advisory board? Why not Phil Spector?

At 1/01/2007 1:43 AM, Blogger Camille said...


Here she is, she coulda been a surgeon if she'd not turned into a country singer...

Thoughtful chick page

natalie maines

At 1/01/2007 3:10 PM, Anonymous Phil Spectre said...

Hey, you can't beat some of these chicks. Trust me, as much as I'd like to.......Oh, I thought it said Chixie Dicks. My bad

At 1/03/2007 7:39 PM, Blogger laurentius rex said...

And here is something of my shared past with the aforementioned Brian Deer.

Yes I was there and I took pictures of the entry into senate house

At 1/03/2007 7:41 PM, Blogger laurentius rex said...

Whoops bad link there (a circular one)

I meant to post

and as I said, I was there at the time taking pictures.

At 1/04/2007 1:33 PM, Blogger mcewen said...

[no email link so thanks for the Manatee!]

At 1/04/2007 4:14 PM, Blogger Bartholomew Cubbins said...

LR - thanks for the link - very cool.

mcewen, From the twisted mind of Conan O'brian, there are other, funnier, and much more er.. inappropriate pix of manatees.

Google Conan O'Brian and manatee. (it's the first link, it's safe for work but can be upsetting for some people).


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