Monday, January 09, 2006

For a great rundown on logical fallacies, check out Interverbal's blog detailing fallacies 1-23. Go to his main splash page for many more.

I'd bet a paycheck that most of us have committed one or more these at some point in the recent past. I'm sure I have and so I'll be keeping this close as a reminder.



At 2/07/2006 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you. As the mother of a 36-year-old autistic man, I have just about heard everything-refrigerator mothers, mega vitamin therapy, etc., and I feel that as parents we have to look into these things, but at the same time find a program to deal with the present problems of our children to deal with what is now. If something comes along that looks promising as a "cure" at least we haven't let grass grow under our feet.

At 11/17/2015 10:36 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Autistic always leave themselves alone.Hope scientists can develop a good way to solve this disorder.


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